Zhao Qi: Judges’ feedback for “You Are So Beautiful” the most memorable

Chengdu native Zhao Qi tells Imagine TV Network about his two decade singing career and what it was like working with the team of directors from The Voice of China.

Words by Imagine TV Network

"When I joined the third season [of the singing competition], my desire was to assess and evaluate the twenty years which I invested into my professional singing career," Zhao Qi shares. In fact, the first season of The Voice of China had expressed interest for him to participate but it never materialized. He muses that he might have missed the first two seasons because the stars were not aligned.

He shares that he started his singing career in the 1990s and became one of Mainland China's early freelance professional singers. Even though he initially embarked on this career path purely as an interest and hobby, he maintains that singing is a way of life for him.

"I am doing something I am good at and this is a form of work that I love. From this perspective, I have been very lucky."

He was also full of praise for the team of directors he worked with during the show, calling them a group of 'iron men.' This was because they would often arrange to meet him at midnight, leaving him to wonder how they cope with the lack of sleep.

Working with the directors during the blind audition was another moment he cherished because they respected his creative direction and gave him a lot of freedom to implement his vision.

Wang Feng, a judge on The Voice of China and his mentor, also earned his praise. Although Wang was stern, he was always approachable and showed concern for him in every aspect of his life. Qi reveals that Wang even taught him a set of exercise that would help him to reduce his belly fat.

During the blind audition, Wang and Na Ying both gave him high scores for his rendition of "You Are So Beautiful," a song originally performed by Joe Coker. He expresses that he did not expect Wang to be the first that turned his seat for him. (In the format of the show, judges listen to the singers with their back facing them and only push a button to turn their seats when the singers are deemed to have 'passed.')

He noted that the feedback from Wang was more technical whereas Na focused on how the song could be presented. Na commented that his performance gave her the urge to fall in love and Wang said that it was not easy to take simple lyrics and weave in layers of meaning. He is grateful, he says, for the affirmation and prominence that the show had brought him. "Even though there are times of stress and frustration, life is still good."

Zhao Qi will be performing at Live Stage music bar in Central Mall (#01-01) from 8pm to 10pm on 12th to 14th November 2015.



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