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Oliver Pettigrew, co-host of television show Right This Minute, tells Imagine TV Network about his foray into the American market and combating 'video fatigue.'

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"We've got to find a video with like 50 views that within a week [is] going to have millions,"Oliver Pettigrew says, summarizing what the viral videos show, Right This Minute, do in every episode. "We spend, basically, our entire day trawling through the internet," he adds. He joins Gayle Bass, Beth Troutman, Nick Calderone and Christian Vera as co-hosts of the syndicated television show that features potential viral videos and the people who made them.

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He explains that when he has a video to share, he would have researched it and known everything about the video but it will be the first time the other co-hosts are watching the video. On the show, he does a pitch about the video to his co-hosts and they watch the video. "We try to give our viewers the entire gamut -- the whole gamut of what’s been happening on the internet today before anybody else gets them."

Pettigrew, who was born in Hong Kong and schooled in England, shares that he began getting enquiries from the United States after working on a project there a few years ago. In 2014, he shifted his focus to the American market and moved to the States. "I'll go out there and I'll give it a go," he says, recounting his frame of mind then. However, he spent nine months not being able to do anything because he was waiting for his green card, an immigration visa that offers permanent residency for 10 years.

He was not allowed to work and says he flew back to Asia to "make a little bit of money." When he finally received his green card, things moved quickly. His agents brought his attention to Right This Minute, he spoke to the team two days after that and within a week, he was offered the job of co-hosting the fourth season of the show. "So that was my entire American struggle. It was just 11 days and I had a job. It was awesome."

He likens his work environment to an entertainment news room and says the television show is unscripted. Everything, he says, is filmed on the spot in one take. "All we have to do, and [are] paid to do, is to sit at the table with my friends, watch internet videos, and talk about it. That's it." He remarks that people sometimes comment about how scripted the show is but he explains that their reactions on the show are genuine because they are watching the videos for the first time.

He remarks that he can only imagine what it would be like for the other four co-hosts who have to watch videos everyday, especially since they had been involved in the show since its beginning. Though he admits it is easy to get jaded and feel that he has seen it all, he says the videos are what keeps his perspective fresh. "There’s always something in every video that’s going to catch you off guard." The thrill, he says, comes from featuring the videos in the show and in a week, see the very same videos being shared on Facebook or news channels like CNN or BBC. "We found that video, we’re the ones that got that out there."

He shares that there is no formula to make a video viral because there is no secret formula. A good indicator of a video's 'virality,' he reveals, is the reaction it receives from the people that watched it for the first time. "You know that video is going to go viral because you can see the reaction happening in the studio and you can hear the emotional response. You know that's going to be happening with the viewers, you know that's going to be happening across the Internet."

Right This Minute  premieres 8 June 2015 on Lifetime (StarHub TV Channel 514), Mondays to Fridays at 7pm and 7.30pm.



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