Three new fragrances added to Atkinsons Legendary Collection

Fragrances concocted after War World I by English perfume house Atkinsons are updated and released as part of its Legendary Collection.

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Love in Idleness, Amber Empire, and The Excelsior Bouquet are three new additions to Atkinsons Legendary Collection, which comprises of four other "heritage masterpieces." The three distinct eaux de toilette fragrances were first created during the inter-wars years but Atkinsons says it has improved them for "modern noses."

The additions to Atkinsons Legendary Collections follows on last year's launch of The Contemporary Collection. Within the collection, Rose in Wonderland is the best-seller and Jan Leong, General Manager of Perfume Holding, shares that the contemporary perfumes has their own loyal fans.

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Leong explains that the Atkinsons Legendary Collection are masterpieces which have been taken from the company's archives and reinvented by modern master perfumers. "Each fragrance has a history and a fascinating story of a vanished era." The period of the roaring twenties was an era filled with a sense of hope and a love of life, characterized by creating and embracing all things beautiful, she adds.

Created in 1919 to commemorate the success of the first non-stop transatlantic flight by English aviators John Alcock and Arthur Brown, Leong remarks that Excelsior Bouquet captures the exhilaration, danger and heroism of the flight. Each stage of the flight has its essence interpreted through the perfume's top, floral herbaceous heart, and base notes and of the three, it is the most intrepid.

A personal favorite, Leong describes the notes of the unique scent as metallic and leathery and adds that the atmospheric nuances of ozone gives the perfume freshness and warmth.

William Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, inspired the creation of Love in Idleness in 1922. The scenes in the forest, where the dream unfold, form the crux of the perfume. "The scent is based on violet flower, a flower touched by Cupid's arrow," Leong says.

At the peak of the Art Deco movement, the Western world was fascinated with Chinese art and objects, Leong shares. She adds that a Chinese snuffbox was what fired up Atkinson's imagination, leading him to create one of the first oriental fragrances that was introduced to the West.

Unlike its 1920s counterpart, the modern perfume is less exotic and more contemporary. The precious amber accord is captured in the vapors of Chinese oolong tea and imparts a lingering scent that is both sensual and mysterious.

The new fragrances will retail at Robinsons The Heeren and Escentials Paragon from the end of April 2015.



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