The Endfield Haunting to premiere as three-part drama series

Adapted from Guy Lyon Playfair's book "This House is Haunted," the commissioned drama series features a strong cast and is sufficiently chilling even for viewers who might not believe in the supernatural.

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The Enfield Haunting centers on poltergeist activities two sisters alleged took place in their house in Enfield, England.

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In the years between 1977 to 1979, sisters Janet Hodgson and Margaret Hodgson claimed to have seen moving furniture and objects hurtling through the air. Eleven-year-old Janet also claimed to have experienced levitation and went into violent trances.

Experienced paranormal investigator Guy Lyon Playfair is played by Matthew Macfadyen and the role of paranormal researcher Maurice Grosse is played by Timothy Spall. The cast is rounded up by Eleanor Worthington-Cox and Fern Deacon, who play the pair of Hodgson sisters. Grosse's relationship with Janet is also an important part of the story as the two characters form a bond for different reasons.

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The strength of the series is not so much how the poltergeist activities are filmed but the cast's reactions to the seemingly supernatural happenings.

If you have watched films or dramas of similar genre, the poltergeist activities in The Enfield Haunting seem standard fare yet Worthington-Cox's hyper-strung and supposedly possessed character is entrancing to watch.

The scenes of her shaking and with eyes rolling back as she speaks in a male voice are eerie; her convincing performance adds credibility to her claims. The other scene of her being strangled by her room's curtains is at once arresting and unsettling.

Nonetheless, the possibility she is putting on a show for the reporters and this is part of her desire to gain attention is an underlying doubt that is present throughout the series.

This, however, is not the fault of the cast but because both perspectives -- that the poltergeist activities are real and that she has incentives to insist her claims -- are satisfied by the series.

The Endfield Haunting premieres tonight at 9pm on Thrill (StarHub Cable TV Channel 618 and Singtel TV Channel 415).




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