‘Spice Prince’ Reza to host another gastro-tourism program

Reza Mahammad, the host of Reza Spice Prince of India, will host Reza's African Kitchen, a new gastro-tourism television program premiering next month.

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At 16, Reza Mahammad took over his family's restaurant, The Star of India, when his father passed away. Since then, he has been the restaurant's chief chef and proprietor. "We have had incredible chefs in the family," he says, noting that his father was a restaurateur and described his mother as a fabulous cook. "You might say that food is in our blood!"

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He honed his culinary skills by picking up his mother's recipes and experimenting with the family restaurant's existing menu and his fondest food memory was the halibut dish that his mother cooked with onions, tomatoes and coriander. It was his comfort food during his childhood in England but these days, he says his favorite comfort food is a good fish pie with creamy mashed potatoes.

As the current host of Reza Spice Prince of India and upcoming culinary adventure program Reza's African Kitchen, he remarks that spices have always played a pivotal role in his cooking. Cardamon, with its aromatic aroma and flavor, is his favorite spice.

Image credit: Asian Food Channel

Having filmed at grand palaces in Rajasthan and sampled hundred-year-old recipes used to serve generations of Raj royalty, he says his most memorable dish on Reze Spice Prince of India was the chicken cooked with hundreds of spices in a pit. "It tasted like India on a place," he recalls, adding that he aims to demystify Indian food. The most memorable experience, he shares, was cooking in an oil drum while on a boat in the city of Udaipur.

In Reza's African Kitchen, he will uncover hidden culinary gems and present his own creations with a spice twist. More than sharing his love and knowledge of spices with viewers, he wants them to become more aware of the role of spices in history. "Spices have played an important role throughout the history of the world – they have been used for medicine, rituals, cosmetics, dyes for fabrics and of course culinary uses."

Reza Spice Prince of India is currently showing every Tuesday at 8.00pm (SG) and 7.00pm (JKT/TH) on the Asian Food Channel on StarHub Channel 435. Reza's African Kitchen premieres on the same channel on 15 September 2015 at 8.00pm (SG) and 7.00pm (JKT/TH).



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