Ryu Kyung-Wook joins Season 6 of Top Gear Korea

Professional car racer Ryu Kyung-Wook takes on hosting responsibilities in the latest season of Top Gear Korea and says he will grab any opportunity in the entertainment industry.

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Speaking through a translator, Ryu Kyung-Wook says that when it comes to cars or driving, he adopts a no-nonsense attitude and quips that he is a good car mechanic. However, outside of car-related matters, he shares that he has a "silly personality" and does not take things too seriously.

One of the highlights, for him, is the episode where they do a complete modification of the Hyundai Pony, the first mass-produced car made in Korea in 1975.

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With 16 years of experience behind the wheel and multiple podium finishes, he remarks that compared to driving, hosting a show is more daunting. The bright studio lights and 'live' audience add to his nervousness, he says. When he was watching the season five broadcast of the show, he thought to himself, "Ah, the emcees are so comfortable doing nothing. It is so easy."

"I have learnt a lot," he remarks, sharing that his experience co-hosting the show with Danny Ahn and Kim Jin-Pyo taught him that if he wants to do a good job hosting, he needs to have willpower and be full of determination.

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His biggest challenge, but also the most memorable, came during the filming of the 12-day mission, where his personal belongings and "convenient items" were taken away by the production team. The three hosts had to travel through rugged terrain and repair the car themselves when it breaks down. The physical exhaustion also took its toll on him. "I was pushed to the limits," he says. "I couldn't sleep well."

Asked about his hosting style, he says he wants to give the viewers "refreshing details" about cars. Although season six features super cars and super performance cars, he hopes that he is able to satisfy their curiosity about the engines of these automobiles. A wider audience will be able to relate to sixth season, he says.

He has interest to continue on in the entertainment industry, he remarks. Besides Top Gear Korea, he is also hosting The Bunker and says he will "grab any opportunity" to further his career.

From 3 February 2015, Top Gear Korea (Season 6) broadcasts first and exclusively on KIX (StarHub Cable TV Channel 518) and Singtel TV Channel 309 every Tuesday at 9pm.



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