New season of Ride ‘N Seek hunts for the priestess’ cloak

Jamie Dempsey, host of Ride 'N Seek, shares with Imagine TV Network about her new business venture and the time she spent with the priestesses from the Manobo tribe in Philippines.

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Bubbly and affable, Jamie Dempsey, is fun to watch on screen. The fourth season of Ride N' Seek: The Hunt for the Priestess' Cloak returns to the Philippines, and the six-episode series is packed with interesting sights and sounds.

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Jumping off waterfalls, riding a wooden torpedo boat through rapids and getting up close and personal with some large snakes are all in a day's work for Dempsey during the new season of Ride 'N Seek -- or to be specific, more than a month's worth of work. "After 30 days of filming on the road, it was such a relief to arrive at the final destination of Butuan in Mindanao," she remarks.

One of the key highlights of the fourth season is her hunt for the priestess' cloak. Instead of getting a tribal tattoo, something she did during the previous season, this season has her seeking priestesses from the Manobo tribe. There, the priestesses listened to her life story and wove a cloak for her by following the directions of their spirit guides.

Recalling the stories she shared with them, she says: "We discovered in each other that though we come from such different cultures, we still had many things in common. The whole journey was an extremely rewarding experience."

Like many other first-time visitors to Philippines, she thought the country only had white sandy beaches to offer. However, filming in the country for two seasons has allowed her to see that there is more to the country.

Other than learning an ancient Filipino fighting art, seeing a volcano in Bicol and the mountains of Kalinga, she also visited the World War II relics in Corregidor and helped to paint a school that was affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

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One thing that struck her was how proud the Filipino people were of their country and its history as she toured the country and interacted with the locals. "... I got to see first-hand the obstacles that the Filipino people have overcome throughout [their] history and gained an understanding of why the people here are so proud," she says.

Other than filming, she is also focused on running her new business venture, ATWYLD, a line of motorcycle apparel for women that she created with two other female motorcyclists.

Ride 'N Seek: The Hunt for the Priestess' Cloak broadcasts on HISTORY Asia (StarHub TV Channel 401) every Monday at 9.30pm.



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