National Geographic Live talk show returns to Esplanade

Chasing Ancient Mysteries: A Digital Expedition is an upcoming National Geographic Live talk show which features Dr. Albert Lin, an Emerging Explorer of the National Geographic Society.

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This year's National Geographic Live talk show is titled Chasing Ancient Mysteries: A Digital Expedition, a departure from last year's focus on animal wildlife. National Geographic Live is the live events division of National Geographic and presents a series of public events in 32 cities that showcases the storytellers behind the programs on The National Geographic Channel.

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During the talk show, Dr. Albert Lin, a research scientist at the University of California, San Diego, will be sharing about his use of digital technologies and crowd-sourcing platforms to explore the tomb of Genghis Khan and investigate possible sites of the Mongolian emperor's resting place. He will also share about the convergence of technology and exploration and how technology is reimagining the frontiers of exploration.

Lin is described as an expert in merging remote exploration with crowd-sourced citizen science and has expanded the role of media in science by harnessing the latest advances in digital technology and the power of crowds to find innovative solutions to both ancient and modern mysteries. Other projects that utilised this unique approach includes his search for new Maya sites in Guatemala and the disappearance of Malaysians Airlines plane, MH370, in 2014.

Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan, a National Geographic Television special, documented the Lin and his team's discovery of evidence pointing to the tomb's location in a remote mountain range in Mongolia.

With Mongolian tradition forbidding the physical excavation of burial sites,  Lin had to devise non-invasive exploration methods to examine possible sites of Genghis Khan's tomb and leveraged on the power of crowd-sourcing. 28,000 people participated and combed through satellite images, searching for signs of ancient structures so that Lin and his team can follow-up on the potential leads.

Chasing Ancient Mysteries with Albert Lin, a National Geographic Live talk show, will be held at the concert hall of Esplanade Theaters on the Bay in Singapore on 30th August 2016. Tickets can be purchased via



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