[Interview] Loke Hoe Kit – “I can pursue things beyond classical pursuits”

Speaking to Imagine TV Network, Singaporean cellist, Loke Hoe Kit, recounts his accidental foray into learning the cello and shares candidly about the reason he picked up the instrument - the cello is larger in size compared to his brother's violin.

Despite the seemingly juvenile reason for learning the cello, Loke spurred himself to practice. He tells Imagine TV Network that starting out at the age of 12 is not considered a late start but when people around him are doing more advanced repertoire as a result of having more experience on the instrument, he felt that he had to constantly "play catch-up".

Holding on to his philosophy that he needs to keep an open mind and not limit himself to only keeping within his classical pursuits, Loke has played for Singaporean singers Kit Chan and Stefanie Sun, completed a world tour with Taiwanese band F.I.R., and collaborated with an Appalachian Dulcimer player.



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