Mom’s Time Out returns for season two

The Tan family shares with Imagine TV Network how their participation in the show changed their family dynamics.

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"I thought the parents looked too calm," Leah Tan exclaims, when asked what her first thought was when she watched the first season of Mom's Time Out. In contrast, the first thought that popped into J.T. Tan's mind was how interesting the show's concept was and that he wanted to give it a go.

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Produced by Lifetime Asia, the reality television show sends the mom from each family on an all-expenses paid holiday while dad is left at home to take care of the children for five days. One of the three families featured in season two is the Tan family. J.T. Tan is an engineer while his wife Leah runs her business from home.

J.T. and Leah, who dated for five years and have been married for a decade, share that they are poles apart. J.T. attests that opposite attracts, saying, "When she wants something done, she will just go for it... For me, I am more of a cautious person." Most of the time, he is the one asking her to slow down and to proceed at a moderate speed.

Leah chimes in to add that he plays the 'bad guy' when it comes to parenting. "I think I am the cooler parent. I am calmer maybe because I spend more time with the kids so I know there are times when you are supposed to look pissed and angry but you are actually not."

J.T., on the other hand, says he begs to differ with his wife's perspective because she does not have much patience for certain things, something that Leah concurs wholeheartedly. "I am very good at juggling multiple things at one time but if you're talking about sitting down and doing things that I think is a complete waste of time like painting, he has a lot of patience for it," she explains. "When it comes to certain [things], he does a better job than me as a mom."

Yet, J.T. observes that it was no mean feat trying to tidy the house when the children are screaming and when he tried to involve his two older children in bathing the baby, they ended up playing with the water. "It was the fun part of the show [but] it was counter-productive."

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Before being flown to Manila for a five-day holiday as part of the filming, Leah shares that her last solo trip was four years ago. "Back then when I took a solo trip to Europe, I really had enough. I was really tired... I was just way stretched."

She booked her flight ticket on a Thursday and flew to Europe two days later for two weeks. Reflecting on that period of time, she muses that it was because she was stunned by the commitments of having two kids then but remarks that the break did her good. "It was awesome. It was great! I think a mom just needs some peace and silence for a while."

She also praises J.T. for being a very supportive and encouraging husband even when she is upset or has a tantrum. Even when she grew from a size 10 to size 18 after three pregnancies, she shares that J.T. tells her she looks perfectly fine. "I think I appreciate that. He still thinks I am a size M, which I no longer am for a long time."

The reversal of roles, where the dad takes on the role of a stay-home parent, has also extended beyond filming. J.T. says both parents have to share the responsibilities. At the conclusion of filming, he decided to take a three-month no-pay leave from his work and spend more time with his children. "The kids need to grow up with a dad more [in] the home," Leah adds.

Mom's Time Out (season two) premieres on Lifetime Asia (StarHub Channel 514 every Wednesday at 9pm and 9.30pm from 16 September 2015.



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