Michael Rady joins season two of UnREAL as Appleby’s love interest

Imagine TV Network speaks to Michael Rady about his excitement in joining the cast of UnREAL, the tensions his character brings to this second season, and the backstories behind different characters.

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Asked what his initial thoughts were when he watched the first season of UnREAL, Michael Rady (Swingtown, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) says, “I’ve never been on a show where I’ve been a fan of before, and so this was a first for me. When I watched the first season, I was rapt immediately — I fell off the couch with excitement that I was going to be in the second season.”

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He remarked that it felt surreal to meet the main cast in the control room while filming the second episode of the drama, in which his character is introduced into the story. “I was a geek; I was geeking out. I was not present as we were working.”

Describing Coleman Wasserman as young and babyfaced, Rady says his character had success making documentary films, but that Everlasting will be his first television job and his first experience with reality television. He will also be Goldberg's love interest in the television drama but his character will also bring tensions to the set.

He explained that Coleman was brought in by the head of the network to run Everlasting, a dating competition show, because Quinn King (Constance Zimmer; Entourage, House of Cards), Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby; Who's the Boss?, Doogie Howser, MD) and Chet Wilton (Craig Bierko; Boston Legal, Damages), were "dropping the ball" and not “taking the reins and running the show properly.”

He mentions that sparks fly almost immediately between Coleman, King and Wilton, and he adds that "some alliances ... and some enemies [are] made fairly quickly." The new season will also unveil past events that made Goldberg the kind of person she is now and learn about King's relationship with her father. "You also get deeper into their wants and dreams in life... which also illustrates a little about what makes them tick."

Rady When asked if he will be manipulating anyone on the set of Everlasting, he remarks that at times, he feels he is manipulating the people in the scenes with him. He calls the manipulations in season "blatant, aggressive manipulations" and adds, "I am waiting to see where the chips will fall with everything... Coleman does start to play his hand, and at manipulation, as well as well."

"There is still the world of Everlasting, the suitor and all of these contestants... But this year I feel like there's a bit more focus on the people pulling the strings behind them. You get to now view the world of Everything and the suitor with the constantants with this new information, these new glasses."

UnREAL (Season 2) broadcasts on Lifetime (StarHub TV Channel 514) every Tuesday at 10pm.



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