MAGNUM celebrates 25th anniversary with decadent chocolate party

Imagine TV Network speaks to the Country Director of Unilever Singapore and goes behind-the-scenes of MAGNUM's 25th anniversary party at Avalon.

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Launched in Belgium and Germany in 1989, MAGNUM has become one of the leading ice-cream company in the world and today, the brand sells over two billion sticks of ice-cream annually. For its 25th anniversary, the brand throws a lavish party at Avalon, a night club situated near the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

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MAGNUM has a market share of over 18% in Singapore, and Moustapha Khaled, the Country Director of Unilever Singapore, says that events such as this are the first of many. He adds that the party is a celebration of MAGNUM and chocolate at their best. "For this year, this [party] is the biggest because it's our 25th anniversary but surely... in the following years, we will find different ways to engage with our pleasure seekers," he says.

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Using over 260kg of chocolate, the one-meter high chocolate fountain is the largest in Singapore. Behind it is the the aptly-named MAGNUM Pleasure Bar. Sticks of plain vanilla ice-cream are dipped into the chocolate fountain and as part of the Make My Magnum experience, guests can coat their ice-cream with a selection of toppings.

One highlight of the party is the fashion show put together by local fashion designer Pauline Lim and Janice Wong, the chef and owner of 2am:dessertbar. 

"When [MAGNUM] asked me to create a chocolate theme for their fashion show... It was kind of up our alley to do something very creative, to do something fun yet very intricate, very delicate," Wong shares. The chocolate jewelry is inspired by her favorite ice-cream -- she loves the classic MAGNUM -- and focused on only using a few basic colors in her designs.

"That was the idea of [the designs], to keep it very pure and celebrate the classic MAGNUM," she adds.

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The chocolate jewelry is launched in tandem with Lim's Spring/Summer UNDONE collection. "We tried to incorporate design details that are pretty subtle in a way that they could be imperfect," Lim says.

Elaborating on the design of the specially created MAGNUM dress, she shares, "I really wanted to translate the MAGNUM ice-cream onto the dress as well, which is the textures that you get on a MAGNUM ice-cream."

Asked about MAGNUM's alignment with the fashion industry, Khaled remarks that they share similarities in their mindset and approach."The MAGNUM consumer is a sophisticated consumer. He wants the highest quality and he's also willing to pay a bit more just to get the quality he needs and the authentic products that he wants," he says.

Khaled adds that the brand's collaboration with the fashion and lifestyle industry is not a one-time event and emphasizes that there will be continuity.

As part of the celebrations, the MAGNUM limited-edition with Marc de Champagne (S$3.90) was unveiled and a range of silver-themed desserts and cocktail will be available at MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store, including the Silver Jubilee dessert (S$19) -- a creamy cheesecake paired with the MAGNUM limited-edition with Marc de Champagne ice-cream -- created by Chef Stan from The Back Kitchen.

The MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store is located Customs House Terrace until 23 July 2014 and is open daily from 12pm to 10.30pm.



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