Liu Chenxi and Li Wenqi share their experience from The Voice of China

Liu Chenxi and Li Wenqi, past contestants on The Voice of China, share with Imagine TV Network about the long hours of practice and their motivation for joining the show.

Words by Imagine TV Network

Even though Liu Chenxi (劉辰希) and Li Wenqi (李文琦) are avid music lovers, they had different motivations for joining The Voice of China. For Liu, being on the program gave him the platform to sing his favorite songs and he muses that the recognition he received along the way inspired him to better his craft.

"Actually from the start, I felt that singing is not about competing with anyone in terms of who has a higher range or who has a better tone," he remarks. As a singer, the most important is to relate to the song and be able to share those sentiments, emotions and stories with the audience so that they can be touched by the song. This, he says, is something he aspires to do and is continually working to improve.

The challenge came not so much from the actual competition but the long hours of practicing. "The audience only sees snippets of this process... For example, we would start rehearsals at 9pm and end at 6am the next day."

Li, on the other hand, signed up for The Voice of China in its first season and passed the blind audition with the endorsement of three judges. Being 14 years old at that time, her performance was not included in the final broadcast because she was an underaged participant. However, when she participated in the third season of the show, she did not make it through the blind auditions and was only brought back into the show during the revival round.

When asked how the show has changed her as a person or as a singer, she says these experiences are part of her life and she will turn them into inspiration for her songs. "I hope that more people will be able to hear the songs I write. I hope my songs can encourage others and bring some positive vibes into their lives."

Performing in Singapore this coming weekend, she reveals that she will be singing some of her original compositions and emphasizes that even though the songs might not sound familiar, she is confident the audience will enjoy listening to them.

Li Weiqi will be performing at Live Stage music bar in Central Mall (#01-01) from 8pm-10pm on 5th to 7th November 2015. Zhao Qi, another contestant from the third season of the show, will be performing from 8pm-10pm on 12th to 14th November 2015.



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