Jarrod and Brandi dish on life before and after Storage Wars

Jarrod and Brandi Schulz, stars of reality show Storage Wars, share with Imagine TV Network about the world of storage lockers and how the industry has changed.

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Reality stars and co-owners of Now and Then Second Hand Store, Jarrod and Brandi Schulz are candid about the drastic changes the industry has undergone since Storage Wars began airing on television.

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“It started out like a secret society, nobody knew about it. Jarrod couldn’t get anybody to tell him anything about it,” Brandi remarks. Now that the show is in its ninth season, people start to think that buying storage lockers is a get-rich-quick scheme. Jarrod describes the industry as being a "good ol' boys club" that is not welcoming to new players. "There is a whole group of people out there that hates us," he adds.

"It's their livelihood and we ruined it for them," Brandi begins to say but Jarrod interjects to say that they changed the way things were done because they were willing to pay more money to buy those storage units. "They had been doing it their way for so long that they didn't want to evolve," he explains.

Asked if the reality series gave an accurate portrayal of what goes on during storage auctions, they agree that the moments of tension and resentment that were captured by the camera crew speak for themselves. However, if viewers think that storage auctions begin with bidding for the storage lockers and end with selling the items, they underestimate the amount of work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

"Honestly, when the cameras stop rolling, that's when the real work starts," Jarrod says. These unseen moments include the backbreaking work of moving the merchandise, cleaning them and doing online research to ascertain the value of what they have bought. These moments are not captured in entirety and unloading the truck is one such example. It can take up to 10 hours to offload the items on the truck but the camera crew leaves when there is sufficient footage.

The popularity of Storage Wars also means that viewers form an incomplete perspective of who they really are. "I used to be a guy who owns a thrift store that was also on a show. And now, I'm a guy on a show that also owns a thrift store," Jarrod quips.

People often think we fight all the time, Brandi shares, to which Jarrod replies, "And I think people think that Brandi is the boss all the time." Amidst laughter, Brandi says, "Clearly I'm not."

Storage Wars (season 9) broadcasts on HISTORY (StarHub TV Channel 401) every Tuesday at 9pm.



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