Japanese celebrity dads pit their kitchen skills in new family gameshow

Carl Zuzarte, Head of Productions and Programming, Scripps Networks Interactive (Asia-Pacific), speaks to Imagine TV Network about the format of Papa's Kitchen and its focus on authentic Japanese cooking.

Imagine TV Network

"[Papa's Kitchen is] keeping with a rising trend of fathers in Asia playing a more active role... Authentic Japanese cooking shows have always been popular in Asia," Carl Zuzarte replies, when asked about Japanese programs making a resurgence of popularity.

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An original co-production between Fuji Television Network and its production arm Fuji Creative Corporation, the program has ten Japanese celebrity fathers competing in a series of food-related challenges such as cooking omurice, rice wrapped in omelet, and donburi, a dish of rice served with fish, meat or vegetables.

While they are in the kitchen, their family provide encouragement and cooking instructions through the headsets, allowing each family member to be involved in the creation of the final dish.

Japanese celebrity fathers like Makkun (comedian), Notchi (Barack Obama impersonator), Masaru Hanada (former sumo wrestler) and Hiroshi Teguramori (former national football player) are some of the Japanese celebrities participating in the new game show.

"The Japanese food culture has been respected for their fresh ingredients, beautiful plating and their cooking techniques. Papa's Kitchen has all those elements as well as a splash of humor," Zuzarte says.

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"The fathers who are unskilled in the kitchen are the ones making the food," he adds. "By creating a classic fish out of water scenario, celebrity dads who have no kitchen experience makes for good role models and add a strong dash of entertainment."

In the first round, the fathers are asked to identify their wife's dishes from a mystery line-up and in the second round, they were given half an hour to prepare a Japanese dish while receiving advice from their wife every 30 seconds.

The last round involves preparing a dish for renowned experts such as Hidehiro Yoshioka, owner of Michelin restaurant Nasubi Tei; Tadanobu Miyayashiki, top nutritionist and chief instructor at Japanese culinary instituition, Musashino Nutrition College; and Kogoma-chan, winner of multiple Japanese cooking competitions and the youngest in history to be certified as a 4th-class Sake Sommelier.

Papa’s Kitchen premieres exclusively on Asian Food Channel (StarHub TV Channel 435) on Thursdays at 10.00pm.



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