Family Kitchen with Sherson S2 revisit age-old family recipes

Imagine TV Network speaks with Malaysian celebrity chef Sherson Lian about his relationship with his mother and the significance of the food featured in the cooking television show.

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For Sherson Lian, what makes Family Kitchen with Sherson Season 2 different from other food programming is its emphasis on using food as a tool to bring the family closer together. He says that whilst other shows only teach the viewers how to cook, Family Kitchen with Sherson Season 2 highlights family life and the involvement of family in cooking.

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Hosting the second season of the show with his mother, Ann Lian, has changed his perception of her and also allowed him to see a side of her that he never knew. He shares, "I never knew my mother to be a funny person. I was very naughty so she nagged at me a lot so I remember her that way." He also adds that he discovered many new things about his mother, such as her quirkiness and being able to witness her cute and funny sides.

"The other thing I realised is that my mother and I could actually get along." He explains that he has to learn patience during the production of the show, especially as he is filming with his mother, who is a very experienced cook but does not fully understand the techniques of filming and production. He adds, "she is not someone that is very familiar with when she's supposed to speak, when she's not supposed to speak, when she's supposed to wait."

With the show focusing on family recipes, he says the dishes featured in every episode contain a story about his family. He uses the episode where he demonstrates how to make homemade sausages as an example. He shares that his brother Daniel loves sausages and he would be happy if you leave him on an island with sausages.

"The whole family knows [Daniel] loves sausages," he quips. However, his parents always complain about him eating processed and commercially-produced meat and that was the inspiration for him to revolve the episode around making healthy homemade sausages.

For viewers who are already familiar with Malaysian cuisine, he says he recommends the episode "Spice It Up." In it, he teaches viewers how to make their own curry powder at home. He shares that Malaysians always use curry powder when they cook at home but when they think of using it, they normally think of ready-made mixes from big brands. "I would love the Malaysian audience to be able to take that inspiration of making [their] own curry powder."

Family Kitchen with Sherson Season 2 broadcasts on AFC (StarHub TV Channel 435) every Thursday at 9pm.



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