Executive Producers of Gotham discuss role of villains in season 3

John Stephens and Ken Woodruff, Executive Producers of television series Gotham, share about the population of villains and the addition of 'proto villains' in the brand-new season.

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There is no doubt that new alliances will be made in the new season of Gotham, the third installment of the television series. Executive Producer John Stephens remarks that as the villains take center stage in season three, the series has departed from the police procedural drama format, which the first season was premised on.

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Likening the development of the story to cooking a frog, he says, "you gotta put it in cold water and turn up the heat very slowly." For instance, Maria Mercedes "Fish" Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), a gang leader and bar owner, dies in season one but returns in the next season as a super villain. Theo Galavan (James Frain), a mayor in season two, also returns as a medieval assassin.

One of the aims for season three is to populate Gotham city with villains but it will be managed in such a way where the villains can be involved in different seasons while not necessarily being cast as series regulars. Like lawyer and super villian Harvey Dent, (Nicholas D'Agosto), such characters are featured in the series but can be called back as and when needed because his character is already a part of that world.

Ken Woodruff, also Executive Producer, adds that the transformation of the villains is not merely physical but there is also an emotional transformation that casts a shadow of 'darkness' on the characters.

Image credit: Gotham's Facebook, with permission from Warner TV

'Proto-versions,' short for prototype versions, from the Suicide Squad cast of characters are also likely to be introduced in the new season.

Explaining proto-versions, Stephens says: "[It's] like writer talk for 'we haven't quite figured it out.' It's kind of like you see the first version of it and you see how it [goes]."

The proto-Joker character that was introduced in the second season will also be developed in the third season. "We really imagined developing the myth of the Joker at the same time we're developing the myth of Batman, and we really wanted to stretch over multiple seasons," Stephens reveals.

Bruce Wayne will also undergo a similar transformation this season as his character begins the process of melding and morphing into Batman.

Specifically, his playboy person will be fleshed out as he crosses the line and "dig[s] himself out of a very deep hole." Stephens adds that the rationale was to question the extent of Wayne's seemingly fake playboy persona.

"Our point of view has always been that Bruce in the future, he fakes [the playboy persona] so well, was he ever actually that person?" If there is season four, he says that there will be "dire circumstances" when the Joker crosses path with Bruce Wayne.

Gotham (season 3) has the same day telecast as the U.S. and broadcasts on Warner TV (StarHub TV Channel 515 & Singtel TV Channel 306) every Tuesday at 9pm.



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