Charles Fazzino features Singapore in original artwork

New York pop artist Charles Fazzino's debut exhibition in Singapore showcases an original artwork specially created to celebrate the country's 50 years of independence.

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Known for his detailed three-dimensional artworks, Charles Fazzino shares with Imagine TV Network that he had never visited Singapore. Praising Bruno Art Gallery for having its finger on the pulse of Singapore, he mentions that they were able to gauge which of his artworks should be exhibited and says some of his newer artworks, including his iconic cityscapes, were chosen to be featured.

Image credit: Bruno Art Gallery

The international art gallery is hosting the Fazzino's solo exhibition in Singapore from May 27 to June 14, 2015 and over 15 of the artist's iconic artworks will be featured. When he prepared to start work on Celebrating the Enchanted Island of Singapore, an original artwork which was unveiled during the exhibition, he relied heavily on the gallery to send him pictures and explain the nuances of the city-state to him.

Image credit: Bruno Art Gallery

Attending the grand opening of his art exhibition was the first time he had been to Singapore and he shares that with the wealth of materials he received from the gallery, he feels he had already experienced Singapore through his artwork. "I’m so looking forward to actually being able to see, taste, and touch all of the things and places that I drew," he says.

Image credit: Bruno Art Gallery

His creation process is unique but he insists that he approaches his work just like any other artists. He starts with a concept drawing and goes through revisions to make it 'tighter' until it is a complete representation of the artwork he wants to create. After receiving printed black lines of the image from his silkscreen printer, he provides indications of the colors and sends it back.

The final color composition is built from having the printer separate the image into the different colors and printing them one by one, on top of each other, creating multiples of each image. The cutting and gluing process is time-intensive because each individual artwork is hand-cut and layered to look three-dimensional. "[It is] almost like layering a lasagna in cooking," he explains.

The laborious process continues with each individual pieces being embellished with acrylic paint glitter and Swarovski crystals. Each of them can take more than one day to put together and the final artwork took over five months to complete.

The hardest part, he reveals, is to capture the essence of a place because there is a tremendous amount of information. "It's not always easy to fit everything into one composition," he remarks and adds that there are many things that make Singapore special.
Asked if there was anything he had hoped to include but could not, he says he wishes he could focused on the cars and people in the streets. "I had to fit in so much information that the perspective was just impossible." The reason he wanted to add people into the cityscape, he says, was because he felt they make up the 'color' of the city. "So you have to imagine them there," he adds.

Image credit: Bruno Art Gallery

The goal of the artwork was for the physical objects to convey emotions and he describes his works as being literal. "I don't do a lot of impressionistic-type paintings so the bright colors and the details on the elements are all meant to create a feeling... of tribute and celebration." He calls Singapore one of the greatest cities in the world and adds that he hoped he succeeded in conveying the excitement and specialness of the country.

THE COLORS OF SINGAPORE: A 3-Dimensional (3-D) Artwork Exhibition will be held at the Bruno Gallery – Tanglin Place from May 27 to June 14, 2015.



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