Arrow brings new criminals and vigilantes to season 5

The executive producer and the main cast of television series Arrow spill the beans on the 'mean' developments in season five as Starling City fills with villains and wannabe vigilantes.

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The American action television series is based on the DC comics character Green Arrow and in Arrow, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen created the persona of The Arrow in order to fight injustice and right the wrongs of his family. The fifth season picks up where it left off the last season with Oliver, played by Stephen Amell, becoming the mayor of Starling City.

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Amell notes that Oliver is a "garbage mayor" who is using the mayoral office as the means of carrying out his vigilante activities. Willa Holland, who plays Oliver's wife Thea Queen in the series, concurs that Oliver is indeed "a vigilante moonlighting as a mayor," rather than the other way around and that it leaves her to hold the fort.

On Thea deciding to leave Team Arrow last season, Holland shares that her character had to step back and figure out what she is doing to herself. Even though Thea thought she was learning to be a vigilante without the need to murder, putting a knife to a little girl's throat at the end of last season made it obvious that she had not been very successful in severing her demonic side.

"I think the reason Thea needed to put her costume up on the mantelpiece for the time being is down to this... she was reeling from the effect of the blood lust." However, she adds that no one really leaves and no one is really dead.

The 'mean' season, a word Amell uses to describe the story developments in the new season, will focus on the relationship Queen has with Star City. "Oliver is getting to be a bit of a grizzled veteran... he's not a curmudgeon but at the same time, he is getting back to where we found him," he remarks.

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Executive Producer Wendy Mericle says that Queen killing Damien Darhk and the general decline of Star City in the last season led to an increase in the number of criminals, which gave them a lot of room to dig into the 'bank of villains' from the DC universe and possibly incorporate them into this world. "We're also going to have a lot of vigilantes who are inexperienced and inspired by the Green Arrows killing Damien Darhk. They are going to be popping up all over the city and that's actually going to become more of a problem than a help."

The new season will also move away from the themes of magic and mysticism -- though Amell admits he misses actor Neal McDonough who played Damien Darhk -- and going back to basics with more villains and street-level crime fighting. Interestingly, the big, bad villain of the fifth season was inadvertently created by Oliver's actions in the first season. "I think that's a really cool place to take the show."

For Amell, at least, this season will also answer some of the lingering questions he had about his character. Season five will be the last season with flashbacks and he explained that he made a list of burning questions and sent it to the producers. Some of these questions included: "When does he make his bow? Why does he have a beard? Why is he dressed as a castaway?"

Arrow (Season 5) broadcasts on Warner TV (StarHub Channel 515 and Singtel Channel 306) every Thursday at 9pm.



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