Archie Panjabi heads NSA division in new season of Blindspot

Martin Gero and Sarah Schechter, executive producers of Blindspot, share their thoughts on the last season and Archie Panjabi's involvement in season two.

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Sullivan Stapleton reprises his role as FBI agent Kurt Weller in Blindspot, which tells the story of a mysterious tattooed woman Jane Doe, played by Jamie Alexander, who was found in Times Square. Along with his colleagues Edgar Reade (Rob Brown), Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) at the FBI, they investigate the meaning of Doe's tattoos and uncover a larger conspiracy of crime.

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The first season initially followed a 'tattoo-of-the-week' story format and later became more focused on mythology; the new season will not deviate too far from that but the team has gotten "smarter at how to make the show."

Likening the first season as "building the boat while the boat is in the water," Martin Gero, executive producer of Blindspot, says they are learning from their production mistakes and gaining clarity on what they are great at. "It's like you are sailing the boat as you build it, and you are constantly looking down, saying, "There's a lot of water in this boat."

Gero comments that the key is to merge both the tattoo-based story format with mythology. In this way, loyal viewers are rewarded by gaining deeper insights into the story but at the same time, casual viewers will not be alienated. "Although the first episode is heavily mythology-based and catches people up a little but, we will nestle back into a tattoo 'case of the week,'" he assures.

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The new season will be as dark as the first but there will be more screen time for Weller's other teammates at the FBI. Patterson, Gero adds, was a character that "really popped" the previous season, and she will be carrying a larger amount of screen time on her own this time round.

Part of the reason for casting Archie Panjabi, whose character Nas Kamal heads the secret division of the National Security Agency, was to draw new viewers to the show.

Executive Producer Sarah Schechter says getting Panjabi on the television drama is like winning the lottery. A huge fan of Panjabi, Schechter remarks, "She adds so much [to the show] and meanwhile, it helps keep the dynamics fresh, which is what we are looking for."

Blindspot (season 2) has the same-day telecast as the U.S. and broadcasts on Warner TV (StarHub TV Channel 515 & Singtel TV Channel 306) every Thursday at 10.40pm.



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