Ancient Aliens (S9) investigates new proof of extraterrestrial life

Giorgio Tsoukalos, host of television show Ancient Aliens, discusses the existence of extraterrestrials with Imagine TV Network and explains why humans find it hard to accept the reality of their existence.

Imagine TV Network

Giorgio Tsoukalos is adamant that extraterrestrials, or aliens, exist. Asked if he believes in aliens, he said that the word 'believing' carries with it religious connotations because it requires a certain amount of faith.

However, he has no faith in extraterrestrials so there is nothing to believe. "It’s not a matter of believe because after everything that I’ve done and explored and researched, I no longer believe, I know. I am convinced about their existence."

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Explaining further, he says: "Apparently, there are more galaxies in the universe than there are grains of sands in all of Planet Earth. To say that were the only game in town -- I rarely use that language -- but it’s crazy."

In the 1960s, speaking about the existence of extraterrestrials was a taboo topic. Nevertheless, he states that it will be difficult to find modern-day scientists who dispute the high probability of aliens existing. Thus, the current taboo lies not in the debate about their existence but if they were on earth, or, if they are presently here.

He maintains that humans find it hard to accept the existence of extraterrestrials because it entails their acknowledgement that there are other beings with equal, if not higher, technological intelligence. “If you look at the achievements of mankind, of humankind, we’re truly intellectual powerhouses. The things we’ve accomplished is extraordinary,” he adds.

Part of the reluctance in accepting the existence of aliens is also driven by fear but instead of dismissing the idea, he takes the view that it is important to familiarize ourselves with "this type of messenger" so that we are not left unprepared when they return eventually.

Ancient Aliens (Season 9) broadcasts on Wednesdays at 10pm on HISTORY Asia (StarHub Cable TV Channel 401).



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