Adventure fishing show Chasing Monsters premieres tonight

Monster fish adventurer Cyril Chauquet is the host of HISTORY Channel's first fishing program but he stresses that it is not a typical fishing show.

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Having hosted multiple fishing programs on television both in Europe and in the United States, Cyril Chauquet names monster fishing in Asia as part of his bucket list. "I'd really like to go Indonesia and Mongolia in China."

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Chasing Monsters, he says, is primarily an adventure show. Instead of having a guy catch a fish and then talk about it, explaining the baits and the lures he uses, he shares that every episode of the television program is geared towards one monster fish.

"I'm chasing the fish wherever it may live on this planet," he notes, adding that the show also features the people he meets along the way, his interactions with them and him getting to understand the people, culture and country.

One of his favorite locations is the Amazon, specifically the Amazon channel. "There are 3,000 species of fishes that live only in the Amazon freshwater... If you're lying in the water or of you do a bathe in the water... There's no knowing what you're gonna end up with." The river there is full of surprises, he remarks.

"I live crazy adventures all over the planet and I'm lucky that I get to travel and fish."

Chasing Monsters broadcasts on HISTORY Channel (StarHub TV Channel 401) every Thursday at 10pm.



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